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I have three GSDs and one mix pound puppy. I have American Show lines and working lines. I prefer oldfashioned style dogs and believe that a German Shepherd that can't work is only a pet regardless of how pretty it may be.


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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy Holidays

Well, Thanksgiving is past and we now look forward to Christmas. I never dread it. The stress and the dread is side efforts of our commercialism and human nature. I just accept it and go along, enjoying the real reason for the season. I figure the birth of Jesus is the second most important event in all of history, with his crucifixion being the first. When the pace of the season and living up to all the hype gets to me, I stop and remember why I am so thankful for the day. To think we only take a month to celebrate such a wonderful event.

The pups got turkey and the raw giblets for dinner. Be sure when indulging you pups you remember that not all human food is good for them. The turkey skin is full of fat that could set off a painful if not deadly pancreatic attack. Onions and grapes and Macadamia nuts are a nono. Too much garlic, although used extensively for dog food flavoring is also dangerous. If your family doesn't eat the drumsticks (yes some of us don't) or the wings, cut them off your bird before you cook it and give it to the babies raw. Remember that raw poultry bones will not hurt your puppers but never let them have large or small cooked ones as they can splinter in either the throat or intestines. That is one holiday stress it would be mighty hard to get over.

Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas,

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Not only got the webcam sending pictures, but I got the live video feed going. You can go to the website and click on the webcam feed to watch the puppers.

Started a 2006 calendar. Be sure to send me information on your clubs shows and trials.

The pedigree program is stll down since I changed IPs but we will ork on getting it up and going next.